Technology Products 2 RM3733

Operated by the Crown Commercial Service, the Technology Products 2 agreement is for the supply of commodity technology goods and/or closely-related services for use by UK public sector organisations. It replaces Technology Products (RM1054), which expired on 16 November 2016. The agreement is the UK’s biggest public sector technology framework, estimated to be worth up to £1bn per year, and Capita is excited to be awarded in four out of the six available lots as a supplier of software, hardware and associated services.

All Government and UK public sector bodies, including health, local government, emergency services and education, can use the Crown Commercial Service to purchase IT products and services.  Capita IT Services provide technology and related services across the following four lots:

  • Lot 1 – Hardware – Value added resellers (VAR) who have the capability to provide a wide range of vendor-neutral end user devices, and other hardware

  • Lot 2 – Software – Specialist channel partners for software, who have the capability to supply a full range of commercial and Open Source commodity off-the-shelf software, software licenses and associated commoditised software services

  • Lot 3 – Combined Hardware and Software Requirements – Suppliers with the capability of providing combined hardware and software requirements

  • Lot 6 – Catalogue – Enables suppliers to provide a wide range of commoditised technology hardware and software products through a single online catalogue


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