We take great pride in our partnerships. We invest in the most innovative and trusted vendors and we build interesting services around them. Interesting in the sense that we can tailor services to your needs; we can innovate to transform processes and we can offer wider social value that's important to you.

Partnerships that excel

Capita holds the highest levels of accreditation and partnership status with all leading vendors. This means that we can uniquely offer: 

Deep expertise: we know our partner technologies inside and out. We have exclusive access to our vendors' research teams for experimentation, direct access to their support teams to deliver the best service and executive relationships that put you first. 

Cost savings: through scale and purchasing power, we can negotiate the most competitive pricing with more commercially flexible terms that suit you. 

The perfect blend: whatever your IT needs, whether it's to simply procure equipment, seek IT support and maintenance or to outsource your IT, we can help you. For many of our clients, they need a hybrid approach; Capita excels at integrating hybrid environments and bringing best of breed technologies together.  

Innovation: we combine our R&D investments. We experiment together, invest together and support clients together.  From cutting edge prototypes to sharing best practice with mature platforms, we can help.

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