Big Data – making it work for your organisation

It’s a fact that big data analytics can revolutionise performance, delivering insight and context whilst empowering personalisation. But capturing, storing and accessing all this information can be a headache for today’s modern enterprises. Capita’s advanced storage centric solutions can help.

  • Are you looking for a storage solution that lets you take advantage of big data analytics?

  • Unsure about which storage system you need?

  • Worried about security and data protection?


Find out the what, where and how about big data storage here

Your company information or ‘content’ is your most valuable asset.  It lets you know what your customers want, like and need to maximise the customer experience and journey.  But in today’s highly connected and digital world, there is so much information entering the company – emails, social media, pdf’s videos etc. to name but a few.  That’s why effective information storage is vital for all organisations.  The ability to handle and store large amounts of information and deliver data into specialised analytics tools in a timely and consistent manner is vital for the on-going performance and competitiveness of all organisations.


Analyse and deliver results rapidly

Big data often deals with what is known as ‘unstructured data’ and requires rapid analysis with results delivered in seconds.  Think of how quickly Facebook or Google use real time data to target advertising or direct users towards relevant topics!

To date, huge or ‘hyper scale’ systems have only been available to giants like Google or Facebook, but now smaller organisations can take advantage of big data analytics and ensure their online presence as well as their business operation keeps pace with customer wants/likes and requirements.

90% of all data today was produced in the last 2 years
Gartner defines Big Data as "high volume, high velocity and high variety information assets that demand cost effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making"

Fully inter-operable and cost effective

Today’s storage solutions are fully interoperable with most analytics systems, ensuring any integration is seamless – and your staff get to use the system they understand without the need for complex or time consuming training. And they are highly cost effective too – with cloud storage solutions increasingly affordable for almost all organisations.


What’s the right solution for you?

In order to find out the right storage solution for your organisation, you need to define your requirements up front. How quickly do you need to access data?  Should you consider a cloud based solution or an in house system?  Do your data needs flex throughout the year – requiring different amounts of storage at different times?


Work with an expert

Work with the experts at Capita IT Enterprise Services who will help you understand your big data requirements and can recommend a storage solution that’s right for you and your organisation and can scale and flex as your business requires.


Why use a storage solution for big data analytics?

  • Get real time value from your data into your business to inform decision making and performance.
  • Identify key issues with service delivery or quality quickly
  • Find, extract and analyse all your valuable information quickly and simply
  • Lower business risk by increasing your reaction times to real time events and activities.
  • Protect and secure your sensitive information
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