Cloud: the foundation for digital

The cloud can make you agile. It can help you transform your business. It’s about to get even better

New business models, product and service innovation, ways of operating unimaginable just a few years ago… Digital is bringing them all. Find the right ways to leverage its potential for boosting responsiveness and you could reinvent your customer relationships.

The cloud is growing up. Those of you who’ve tested the waters with non-critical data will know the cost and efficiency benefits that result. And you’ll want to see more of them.

So CIOs are increasingly considering the cloud for more strategic and mission critical usage, but there can be reservations around security and flexibility.

The Hybrid Cloud solves that. We believe its mix of public and private clouds, smartly weaved in with on-site storage, is a game changer.

SaaS is the largest segment of the UK Cloud Market and will reach £3.4B In 2018.

Source: TechMarketView UK Software and IT Services Trends & Forecast 2015

IaaS And PaaS will grow to reach £979M In 2018.

Source: TechMarketView UK Software and IT Services Trends & Forecast 2015

The UK Cloud Computing Market is forecast to grow at a CAGR Of 22.8% to reach £6.1B In 2018.

Source: TechMarketView UK Software and IT Services Trends & Forecast 2015

It allows for a far more sophisticated adoption of cloud-enabled IT. It can bring you a renewed and rewarding focus on cost control, automation and business changing innovation. It’s agile, elastic and flexible – and those are the elements enterprises are increasingly looking to reflect in their own ways of doing business.

Making the right choice

This isn’t a one size fits all solution - and all-the-better for it. With our help you can tailor exactly the right hybrid set up for your needs. We’ll help you...

  • Consider any relevant regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Explore the potential for vendor lock-in
  • Analyse and perfect your mix of available internal skills
  • Look at data and application integration
  • Shape your view on the future of the cloud and how to be a part of it

The hybrid cloud is trending upwards (and fast), driven by its ability to forge the ideal balance between convenience, data sovereignty and security. As a result, we’re witnessing a substantial rise in its adoption as the best strategic option for infrastructure delivery, with predictions for at least 20% annual growth in cloud investments over the next three years.

Discover more

Smart businesses will look at where cloud can lock-in to deliver rapid adoption of new process, new ways of working, different business models, and different value models.

Dave Burns

Product Manager, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Capita IT Enterprise Services

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