Smart buildings

When is a building smart? When it can gather data, optimise key functions automatically, and bring together scores of diverse elements to create its own intelligent environment where energy is saved, waste is reduced and working is easier.

Buildings need to get their act together. Like any other part of the business matrix, the pressure is on them to perform and do better than they have in previous years - better environmentally, economically and socially. IT has a fundamental role in helping that happen.


The evolution of the smart building

Smart buildings rely on infrastructure and communications to elevate their IQ.

Over the last five to ten years, there have been so many notable sector-independent advances in CCTV security, access control, identity management, signage, heating, ventilation and all the other background functions that affect a building’s evironment. But what’s truly transformed their effectiveness is the ability for every light, lift or display to have its own IP address and communicate on a single network platform.

Statistics show that each year only 2% of existing buildings get replaced and that 80% of the buildings that will still exist in 2020 have already been built. So, it’s vital to consider how smart technology can be included in both new build and refurbishment projects.


So what exactly is a smart building?

A smart building optimises things like…

  • Security and surveillance
  • Access control
  • A/V and signage
  • Voice and IP telephony
  • Networks and Wi-Fi
  • Heating, ventilation and lighting
  • Environmental management
  • For safety, satisfaction and efficiency.

A smart building collects data that can be used to make better and faster decisions. For example, in a smart building, occupancy sensors can give a real time analysis of how the building is used, and that data can drive decisions around how best to adapt the space. Whether that means releasing meeting rooms for booking when no one shows up, or implementing a hot desk culture, or simply redesigning the space so your employees get the most out of it.

A smart building is built on a single structured cabling infrastructure to connect all of its key components to the internet for intelligent management, from lighting to security.

And finally… A smart building is intelligent and integrated, bringing all of those things together to deliver the best possible outcome. As we move to the IoT era where every object is also its own sensor, even the simplest component within a building’s construction will be able to share the responsibility for driving down energy use and operational costs, while providing a safe, effective working environment for staff.


What are the benefits of a smart building?

  • Improved efficiency of the building’s operations, resulting in cost savings
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • Improved comfort and satisfaction of occupants
  • Rapid adaptation to change through better networks


What do you want to achieve?

Whether you’re constructing new premises that need to be intelligent from the off, or upgrading existing ones and fitting smart technology around what’s already there, Capita can create and deliver a robust, single platform IT infrastructure that will form the bedrock of your smart building.


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We approached Capita IT [Enterprise] Services due to their expertise, experience, reliability and their ability to install the network whilst allowing us to maintain business continuity. They have played an essential role in our refurbishment by designing a future proof LAN and structured cabling which will benefit our business, staff and customers alike.

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