Essex councils

In 2011, four local authorities in Essex invited tenders for the supply of ICT support across all four councils, with the objective of a shared services approach to create cost savings and service improvement. Capita IT Enterprise Services, then Capita Secure Managed Services, was the successful bidder with an innovative delivery model designed to maximise the cost and efficiency benefits of a multi-council implementation.

From day one of providing services, there have been measurable savings and service benefits from Capita’s experience and resources.dddday one of providing services, there have been measurable savings and service benefits from Capita’s experience and resources.

All four councils were already working with outsourcing partners and these contracts were coming to an end. This presented an opportunity to meet the challenges presented to the authorities as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review and other spending related hurdles, with an innovative procurement approach to get the very best value from the market.

The councils involved in the collaboration are Colchester Borough Council, Braintree District Council, Castle Point Borough Council and Rochford District Council.

The four councils were looking for more than a like-for-like replacement of their existing supplier contracts. At the outset of the procurement process, they specified a number of challenging requirements, including the need for year-on-year savings and improvements. The new supplier would also need to offer an innovative approach and excellent flexibility.


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