Universal collaboration

New technologies have revolutionised the way we communicate, engage and collaborate with colleagues and customers.

As multiple communication services have flourished, what makes users decide on a favourite? It will depend on the technology they have to hand, what and where they are communicating, but also their own personal experience of the channel that’s worked best for them in the past and delivered the most effective results.

For some time, communication channels have tended to evolve as stand-alone technologies, leaving organisations to harness these disparate and independent elements into a multiple system service.
Increasingly business is seeing the benefit of moving to a single infrastructure that manages and maintains everything within one omni-channel experience.

Customers and employees have become equally disenchanted with complex, multiple routes to communicate with organisations; routes that offer uncoordinated experiences. They want a universal approach so that regardless of technology or channel, the experience is consistent and the movement from one to another easy and seamless.

Business will need to raise its game to meet those expectations. Behind these ambitions we see two important and inextricably linked themes

  • Collaboration that powers an intelligent workplace
  • Omni-channel contact centres that enable customer intimacy and service excellence.


Collaboration that powers an intelligent workplace

Early investments in collaboration were, in truth, driven more by cost cutting and time management. Today it’s about building an intelligent workplace, one that encourages and enables real time interaction, via voice, video, IM and more.

Value and user experience are key to bringing…

  • Better value for your customers
  • Greater value from your collective workforce
  • More commercial agility so you can sustain your edge in the market by driving the excellence of your customers’ experience

Are you ready for the digital workplace?

Gartner coined the phrase “digital dexterity” to represent the skills your teams bring to bear in juggling and mastering all the components of today’s digital workplace.

It defines their ability to participate across virtual and physical environments as well as mobilising social and other networks to communicate and collaborate in agile and creative ways.

Only the most digitally dexterous employees - and organisations - will prosper in coming years.

Collaboration boosts employee engagement

Employee engagement links straight to the bottom line. Increase it and the business benefits. What drives engagement is collaboration - the human touch that connects talent across your organisations and its offices, local, regional, national and global. The ability for your workforce to reach out and collaborate at any time is essential, and to do that they need transparent, unified technology that flexes around your working practices.

Collaboration powers customer intimacy and service

Customer loyalty is precious and all too easy to lose. Today’s customers expect 24/7, real time, instant service, and they expect it consistently across all channels. In turn, delivering that service through contact centres has become ever more complex and must incorporate easily accessible self-service, rapid ways of routing customers to the most appropriately skilled staff and managing all the interactions that make up a successful customer journey.

To do that, and to forge those meaningful relationships across your business, requires dynamic communication platforms that can unify voice, email, SMS text, web chat and social media simply and effectively. In turn they’ll help deliver exceptional service and drive your bottom line.


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Employee engagement links straight to the bottom line and what drives engagement is collaboration - the human touch that connects talent across your organisation and its offices, local, regional, national and global.

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