Episode 5 - Charles Radclyffe

Charles Radclyffe

"The concept of being able to transact with another person without intermediary is fantastic."

Charles Radclyffe

Data Philosopher

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About Charles Radclyffe

Charles is a serial entrepreneur who has focused his career on solving challenges for some of the world's largest organisations. In addition to providing advisory services to clients, Charles has built and sold three technology companies so far in his career, and in his spare time passionately supports and mentors young entrepreneurs and start-up teams. He currently is Head of Technology at Deutsche Bank Labs in London, and is also and Associate Partner at Elixxir. Charles is an experienced public speaker having presented at various events in the UK, US and the Middle East on the philosophical questions around Smart Devices, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence industry and the societal impact of the application of this technology.


Technology & Security in the Banking Sector - Virtual Currencies

Thinking back to the first principles, a main concept is to provide security for wealth. The concept of being able to transact with another person without intermediary is fantastic. One of the main challenges virtuality faces is how do you trust, how do you know that the person you are dealing with is somebody trustworthy - that is the volatility around these virtual currencies. Can they be hacked? Can someone swamp the system and abuse it accordingly? Until these challenges are resolved, the virtual currency world is going to have some difficulties.

Capability of machine learning solutions and Artificial Intelligence

Automating businesses processes and building an AI is possible in some cases - great things are done this way, yet the hard reality and main challenges are involved in putting all these into the work place.

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