Who needs Capita Private Cloud?

Capita Private Cloud has been designed for organisations that want the benefits of cloud but are concerned about security and complexity. Here, we look at five sectors that will benefit from our ground-breaking new service.

Capita Private Cloud is built for any organisation in any sector that is concerned about data security and socereignty. Here are 5 specific examples.

1. Local government

For coping with predictable peaks in demand - such as the annual council tax process. The pay as you go approach means that you don't have to pay for large capacity for a whole year - only when you need it.

2. Healthcare

Managing IT is not healthcare's primary objective but delivering high quality patient care is. Capita Private Cloud is a managed service so we identify the best blend of public and private cloud services and integrate them together to simplify your infrastructure, service management and billing.

3. IT Director

Managing IT is complex and you may have many different systems and platforms. Capita Private Cloud simplifies all this into one service with access to public and private cloud services as well as on-premise. It does this through one secure platform with your access through a self-service portal available 24/7.

4. Financial services

Highly regulated services must know exactly where their data is stored and who has access to it. With Capita Private Cloud data is held in our secure, UK-based data centres, guaranteeing securty and sovereignty.

5. Retail

Responding to unexpected peaks in demand is critical to maintain your business, reputation and sales opportunities. Capita Private Cloud delivers additional capacity in minutes, not months and you only pay for what you use.

Read the full scenarios to understand how Capita Private Cloud can help these types of organisation to overcome business challenges.


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