On-premise infrastructure services

On-premise infrastructure services

Protecting your critical business information in robust infrastructure is crucial. Loss of data can have a detrimental impact on business and your reputation. 
Capita offers a wide range on-premise infrastructure services from compute and storage to backup and archive.  We have a national team of highly accredited engineers and IT support staff that can deliver an end-to-end service. 
Capita allows you to focus your investment, protecting your data whether it resides in virtual or physical environments.  We can design, implement, manage and support your on-premise infrastructure.  Our teams currently support data on thousands of servers for our clients. 

The difference we make...

  • Confidence and reasurance - Capita provides you with peace of mind that all data and infrastructure is securely managed. 

  • Cost effective and efficient - proactive, remote monitoring services and rapid data backup reduces cost and risk of down time.

  • Specialist expertise - Capita have specialist expertise to support your backup infrastructure and restore data efficiently. Our backup management service frees up internal resources to work on other strategic projects. 

Infrastructure monitoring and alerting service

Capita's monitoring and alerting solution monitors servers and devices such as system up/down, disk capacity, CPU utilisation, memory utilisation and network device configuration. Ensuring your infrastructure is running effectively and supporting your systems and end users is a high priority for IT departments. Capita's monitoring and alerting service gives you confidence that your infrastructure is monitored 24 x 7 x 365, alerting you to performance issues, bottlenecks and incidents.


With increased demands on your IT infrastructure, setting up, managing and supporting a monitoring platform can be a challenge. Capita can help you ensure your infrastructure is set up to support your organisation needs today and in the future.

  • Achieve cost efficiencies - by optimising the use of existing IT investments and driving down the costs of support and maintenance. 

  • Reduce down time and impact on business operations - no need for manual checks, pro-active alerting to prevent technical failures and identification of bottle necks.

  • Develop enhanced understanding of infrastructure performance.

  • Improve end user satisfaction and productivity.

Setting up the service

  • Confirmation of requirements.

  • Monitoring platform and service configuration.

  • Reporting and alerts set up and tested.

  • Access to portal established.

Get in touch if you need on-premise infrastructure solutions from Capita.

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