Customer Engagement

Interactive and dynamic omni-channel communications. Our customer engagement and contact centre services enable workforce optimisation, cost reduction and higher customer retention.

Capita Collaboration Technologies (CCT) helps organisations to use the tools that make information sharing easier. Our clients trust us to provide customer engagement solutions that enable faster decision making, increased operational efficiency and better customer experiences.

Capita partners with Avaya to provide CCaaS

Working with Avaya to build on our experience in customer engagement and voice services

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Why CCT?

Communication and collaboration technologies are opening up opportunities for richer exchanges of information.  And with digital transformation, these exchanges are possible in new ways. Consumers are not just embracing these new opportunities, they are demanding them, and as a result, their behaviours have changed radically. In this increasingly competitive market, our clients come to us looking for better ways to serve their digital customers.

Our customer engagement solutions address:

  • Engagement management – Our interactions with our customers are becoming more complex and more personalised. At the point of interaction, artificial intelligence and/or the agent desktop need to serve up the required information, either to be consumed in self-service mode by the customer or communicated by the agent.
  • Analytics and insight – The digital nature of our interactions has enabled us to gather valuable data about our customers. Analytics processes should mine this data to understand what has happened, assess context to indicate what is likely to happen next and harness experience to guide what you should do about it.
  • Contact centre platform – Enquiries may arrive across multiple channels, but your focus must be on the customer, so you cannot manage the channels in silos. Whether your platform preference is on-premise, in the cloud or as-a-service, your solution must serve the customer whether they phone, text, email or tweet their enquiry.
  • Self-service – Make sure your customers can talk to a real person when they need to. And when they don’t, use ID&V solutions, speech recognition, and mobile apps that lower costs while delivering superior customer service and security.
  • Workforce optimisation – Serving the digital customer requires that appropriately skilled and empowered agents are available when the customer requires assisted service rather than self-service.  Best practice solutions include interaction recording, quality monitoring, performance management, eLearning and voice-of-the-customer.

Get in touch to find out more about how customer engagement solutions can drive down your costs and improve your customer experience, or call us on 0117 311 5757.


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