Digital Transformation: Customer Experience

The customer experience paradigm remains today as it always has been: if you create exchanges that meet the customer’s expectations, they will stay loyal longer and buy more of your goods and services. Customer experience therefore sits with those elements of the strategic agenda that address retention, lifetime value and profitability.

While the fundamentals of customer experience management have not changed, digital transformation has opened up new opportunities for the creation of experiences that are personalised to an extent that was not previously possible.

When we started mapping journeys they were, to a large extent, aggregated. We were creating journeys that we viewed as likely to deliver better service, but they were standardised and our ability to tailor the experience to the individual was limited.

Now we are able to create journeys that reflect the preferences and behaviours of the individual. And we can accommodate variations in the individual’s preferences that can occur across channels and between different enquiry types.

Our ability to deliver personalised experiences relies on developments in four areas:

1. Voice-of-the-customer programmes can now allow you to create customer journeys that can be tailored to meet the expectations of individual customers rather than being generalised journeys to fit a “typical” customer.

2. The use of a single customer identity, in combination with processes for identification and authorisation that are consistent across all channels, will allow you to recognise the customer regardless of the channel of access, so you can deliver their preferred experience.

3. Customer engagement platforms that consolidate previously fragmented systems such as CRM, workforce optimisation, knowledge management and self-service, will support the customer at the point of value exchange.

4. The use of analytics to understand what is happening, assess context to indicate what is likely to happen next and harness experience to guide what you should do about it so that the experiences you provide remain optimised.

Our eBook, “Digital Customer Experience” examines these four elements of digital transformation and their impact on customer experience. One of its central observations is that meeting the expectations of the digital customer requires that we accept a new reality: we no longer set the rules regarding how our customers interact with us. We can map their journey but we can no longer define it.

It’s an interesting read and you can down load a copy here (with no gates, and no forms to fill).


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