Engagement Management

Interactions with the digital customer are becoming more complex and more personalised. At the point of interaction, artificial intelligence and/or the agent desktop need to serve up the required information, either to be consumed in self-service mode by the customer or communicated by your contact centre agent.

Engagement management – the building blocks

Digitally transformed customer engagement allows UK organisations to manage information exchanges that are both personalised and contextually appropriate. In the past, this was only possible at low volume, one-to-one relationships. The key opportunity presented today, is that these enhanced exchanges of information are now achievable at scale – supporting the high volume, high quality experiences that the digital customer has come to expect.

To deliver high-quality digital engagement, we find it useful to consider four related areas of capability:

Agent desktop: Advances in agent desktop now deliver a single-pane-of-glass view onto a consolidated record of our relationship with the customer – its history, its context, its potential lifetime value and how we want to develop it next.

Self-service: Self-service is no longer a matter of call-deflection. It is an active preference for the time-poor, tech-savvy digital customer. More

Artificial intelligence: The deployment of knowledge management and artificial intelligence now delivers information that is relevant, consistent and in context, supporting both agent-assisted and self-service engagements.

Analytics:  The experiences you provide will remain optimised when you use of analytics to understand what is happening, assess context to indicate what is likely to happen next and harness experience to guide what you should do about it so that. More

Engagement management – where to start

For most organisations, engagement management solutions must be deployed as part of a wider ecosystem of technologies, processes and management structures. The key to success is engaging with a partner that has both the right collaboration portfolio and the expertise and experience to make it work for you. This is where Capita can help so get in touch to find out more about how our engagement management solutions can drive down your costs and improve your customer experience, or call us on 0117 311 5757.

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