Make sure your customers can talk to a real person when they need to. And when they don’t, use ID&V solutions, speech recognition, call steering and mobile apps that lower costs while delivering superior customer service and security both on the web and over the phone.

Web self-service and IVR

For many contact centres, the original impetus behind self-service was call avoidance - a strategy that pushed simple routine transactions to alternative channels that were more cost effective. Self-service has now moved way beyond its initial deflection or avoidance objectives and has become an active preference for the time-poor, tech-savvy digital customer.

Three emerging capabilities have moved self-service to become a central element of digital customer engagement:

Natural language IVR: the use of speech recognition such as Siri and her colleagues Nina, Alexa, Lexee, Lola and perhaps Watson too, have added significantly to the traditional touchtone approach to IVR. What’s more, improvements in the natural language capability of IVR solutions means that self-service is now better at responding not only the customer’s words but to the context in which they are used.

Visual IVR: rather than presenting options sequentially in a voice menu, visual IVR menu options are presented visually and in parallel. The presentation of options happens over the web or on a smartphone. Options can be personalised based on customer context and by presenting options in parallel, you substantially reduce the time to service.

Chat bots: Chat bots or chatter bots use artificial intelligence capabilities and natural language processing to simulate engagement with customers either in text or speech format. Their ability to automate ever more complex exchanges of information make them an increasingly important element of digital customer engagement.

Self-service – have a closer look

Self-service is now an active preference of the digital customer. It has the capacity to create experiences that are engaging, that reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction. To get the most from self-service you need a partner that has the diversity of skills, experience and expertise required for success. This is where Capita can help so get in touch to find out more about how our self-service and IVR solutions can drive down your costs and improve your customer experience, or call us on 0117 311 5757

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