Workforce optimisation

Serving the digital customer requires that appropriately skilled and empowered agents are available when the customer requires assisted service rather than self-service. Best practice solutions include interaction recording, quality monitoring, performance management, eLearning and voice-of-the-customer.

Workforce Optimisation – empowering agents to deliver exceptional CXs

As more and more engagements with the digital customer are being managed via self-service, it is the higher value and more complex calls that require agent involvement.

This growing complexity is not a new trend. It is, however, being accelerated by heightened customer expectations, by advances in self-service and by the opening up of additional channels of communication. This accelerating complexity makes it necessary that we re-think the support we provide to staff who serve our customers. Important capabilities supporting by WFO include:

Quality Monitoring: by reviewing and evaluating an appropriate selection of the calls handled by the agent, you will ensure that agent behaviours evolve to support the changing requirements of the digital customer.

Performance Management: through a closed loop process that draws data from multiple sources, you can set and communicate goals consistently across contact centre agents and the back office and then regularly measure performance against them.

Gamification: ideas and concepts drawn from “games” can be used to create experiences that motivate desired agent behaviours (do the right thing); encourage engagement (keep doing it); and recognise excellence (earn trophies, treats, time-off, extra pay, etc).

Voice of the Customer: the gathering of feedback from customers in a VoC programme will enrich agent quality monitoring and performance management. It is particularly useful for transactional and relationship satisfaction, loyalty drivers and channel feedback.

Contact Centre WFO – time for action

If the magic of a customer experience is at its most powerful where technology and humans meet, then a focus exclusively on technology will come up short without a balancing emphasis on the agent. The key to success in digital transformation is engaging with a partner that has the appropriate balance of technology expertise and human capital management experience; this is what is required and this is where Capita can help so get in touch to find out more about how our WFO solutions can drive down your costs and improve your customer experience, or call us on 0117 311 5757.


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