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Advances in technology make it easier for us to manage our access, security and energy performance through systems and devices. But those systems and devices need to work together in an integrated fashion to unleash the full benefits.

Whether you’re building new premises that require smart technology built-in or you’re upgrading existing premises – a robust, single platform IT infrastructure will form the bed rock of an intelligent building.

Our solution... bringing it all together

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Our robust, single IT infrastructure for intelligent buildings facilitates the integration of services and devices, from structured cabling through to laptops and tablets.  And what does that mean for our customers? Cost and energy efficiencies realised, flexible working enabled and sustainable business practices supported.

The benefits of an integrated solution

  • Reduce total cost of ownership - savings are made through operating one integrated infrastructure

  • Robust ROI -  business processes improve, efficiencies increase and productivity levels rise

  • Become more flexible -  the ability to carry data in any format makes you agile, flexible and mobile

  • Future proof your network - emerging applications are supported so you can keep pace with the latest technology

  • Adapt to change faster - make network changes in a matter of minutes

  • Simplify maintenance - a single cabling infrastructure is easier to manage and maintain

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - by reducing inefficiencies, helping you meet industry and government energy management targets.


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