Workplace Technology Services

In addition to managed print services Capita has introduced a series of innovative workplace technology services to help organisations enhance workplace interactions and drive collaborative

OnGame (Gamification): A unique gamified web application designed to significantly reduce organisations printing costs. With the underlying flexible game-based engine, the portal can be deployed across multiple technology platforms and mobile devices, helping achieve sustainable behavioural change around print consumption in a way that is engaging and fun.

Visual Solutions: Visual Solutions from Capita are designed to help communicate ideas, share information and facilitate collaborative working in real-time from any location. Interactive whiteboards, next-gen video conferencing and touch screen technology transforms any meeting room, lecture theatre or boardroom into a fully collaborative workspace.

Cloud Solutions for MPS: In the last decade the pace of technology has driven down IT-related costs and led to the rise of more resource-efficient virtualised systems. Capita MPS recognises that the next step in virtualisation is to move many server platforms to the cloud, including those used to support printing. Moving your MPS to a Capita cloud solution can help to reduce overall costs and remove the overheads required to support and maintain on premise solutions.

Asset DB®: A unique audit tool that allows the current and future print states to be quickly analysed and communicated in an easily understood format. Asset DB® will improve the auditing process by saving time with the typing up of the auditing information, as this will be carried out whilst the audit is in progress. Asset DB® also has a database with indisputable industry standard assumptions, which can be tracked and explained clearly to the customer.

Complete View: an award winning industry unique Business Intelligence toolset. It uses a user friendly graphic interface for visualisation of data, data analysis and real time data modelling designed for Service Delivery Managers. It provides the ability to produce clear reports visualising cost breakdown, usage and performance of solution for current clients. Their print information is displayed on-screen in a simple graphical format that promotes ease of understanding, even when using mobile devices. You can easily drill down into details with a simple click and drag.

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