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What are your connectivity requirements? Do you have an aging WAN or LAN that's struggling to support your business? Whatever your challenge, we can help you. 

Capita and Updata are the UK's leading network integrator. We build, integrate and manage some of the most advanced networks and ISP services for our clients.  We do all of this at highly competitive prices.  As a customer of Capita, we bring together best of breed tier 1 telemcommunications partners, integrate best value networks and deliver a single, unified service. 

Whether you have two sites or ten thousand sites, we can help you streamline your connectivity services, reduce cost and empower all of your staff worldwide.  We can deliver on-premise or fully managed network services, depending upon your needs. 

That's the Capita difference

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security and resilience 
  • Enhance service quality 
  • Transform your business with secure networks.

Get in touch to find out more about our WAN, LAN and connectivity services.

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