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CloudControl - fully managed access control at reduced cost


Once businesses have invested in their own physical security – cameras, fencing, intruder alarms – they often overlook the associated costs such as training and software as well as the costs of managing security systems. Unexpected overheads not only put pressure on budgets, they can also cause lapses in security and governance.

With Capita’s CloudControl, access control is delivered as a service, enabling business processes to be delivered without incurring unplanned costs.

Hosted Video Surveillance

Capita CloudVision


Cloud Hosted Access Control Service

Capita CloudControl


Is Cloud Transforming Surveillance?

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Integrated Physical Security



Flexible, scalable access control in the cloud

A hosted access control service, Capita CloudControl offers unrivalled flexibility, from an entry-level access control system to a multi-site managed solution operating from as many sites as you need. The key to the Capita CloudControl service is its integration of high-quality access control hardware, and integration with Capita CloudVision for intelligent monitoring with video and system analytics – all designed to provide your business with control over physical security and business intelligence.


Multitenanted access control for facilities management


Capita CloudControl is the ideal solution for facilities management organisations as the system solution is multitenanted; meaning that multiple organisations can be supported without additional hardware, whilst providing audit trails.


Remote video security and access for multi-site organisations

Multi-site organisations such as education establishments, local authorities and retail chains can benefit with nominated staff able to access store rooms or cash rooms. Combining Capita CloudControl with Capita CloudVision allows access and video security to be remotely administered.


This can allow engineers to remotely assess and confirm whether a situation requires them on-site; ideal for public infrastructure or organisations with remote locations.


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