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Hosted Video Surveillance

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Integrated Physical Security


Hosted video surveillance

Achieve tight control over all aspects of your physical security.  With CloudVision, you can subsrcibe to a fully integrated hosted video surveillance service.  It seamlessly offers high-quality cameras and proactive monitoring with video and system analytics.

In the face of ever-growing competition, the need to protect your business against damage, theft, intrusion or natural disaster has never been greater. But reacting to incidents after the event is labour-intensive, time-consuming and ineffective. We overcome all of these challenges with Capita CloudVision. 

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Simple security management with a cloud-hosted service

Capita CloudVision is a hosted video surveillance and analytics service that uses automated technology to simplify security management and intelligence gathering – solving the expensive and logistically complex challenge of using CCTV systems in real time.

The service integrates high-quality cameras and intelligent video monitoring, enabling businesses to enhance their control over physical security and business intelligence.

Key features of CloudVision, our hosted video surveillance service

The system’s sophisticated analytics include cross line detection, which detects moving objects that cross a virtual line, and digital auto tracking, which automatically detects and follows moving objects such as people and vehicles. CloudVision also offers intrusion detection and a people counting facility, allowing retailers to monitor customer traffic.

Stored in the UK, accessible anywhere from any approved device

Data is stored in secure UK data centres – and can then be accessed by any internet connected device, including mobile phones, providing data for control room and security staff. This enables organisations of any size to implement the most appropriate and cost-effective system possible, minimising infrastructure costs and simplifying installation.

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