Unified Communications

The seamlessly integrated environment of voice, messaging and presence delivered across any device in any location.

A company that communicates and collaborates effectively is far more productive. With the right Unified Communications solutions, you can expect increased efficiencies and operating margins as well as productivity improvements of 20-25%.

The Productive Workforce



The Productivity Gap



The Capabilities of Cloud UC

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Capita Collaboration Technologies (CCT) start by understanding and then removing the obstacles that hold back productivity. We understand how your people want to work and deliver the technology to make this happen. We also think beyond the office and ensure your workforce is productive regardless of where they are working.

Unified Communications (UC)

We combine the traditional worlds of telephony-centric UC and pc-based UC to deliver a solution that is an integral part of your business and works the way that your people want to work. It delivers the capabilities of UC across every application, device and location. It creates a seamless environment across solutions whether these be Avaya, Cisco or Microsoft, or all three. And it removes complexity and the need for capital investment by enabling the best technology to be consumed from the cloud.


  • Enterprise Telephony – we remove the need for you to invest in and manage separate PBX systems at each location and provide you with a highly scalable, feature rich and resilient telephony platform from the cloud. This immediately connects your organisation, it makes your people more accessible and enables you to deliver a more responsive service to customers.


  • IM & Presence – we ensure your people can work the way they want to work. They are able to quickly find the people they need to connect with, see if they are available and choose to interact with them through an instant message conversation, a one-on-one voice call or a multi-party conference.


  • Seamless Integration – people are more productive when their communication tools are embedded into their work environment. They can click to call a customer within CRM, they can schedule a conference from within Outlook, and they can collaborate with colleagues through IM from within your core business applications. We make this possible.


  • Mobile Convergence –smartphones are the device of choice for most people and we embrace this. When your staff are in the office, we can make their Smartphone be their primary communication device, seamlessly integrated into your UC environment. When away from the office, their Smartphone becomes the way your people keep connected, with all of your UC capabilities delivered as a Smartphone App.

Making the UC impact can start today.

The reality is that the way we communicate at work is often out-of-step with what our employees want and expect – we are holding them back from their true potential.

As a provider of smarter services that deliver better experiences, we see the bigger picture. We see how the world is changing and how our customers need to react. We see how technology is advancing and what is now possible.

Over the past 30 years, Capita has helped 6,000 businesses grow by using seamless communication and collaboration technologies connecting, clients, partners and suppliers in the financial services, education, healthcare, telecommunication, retail, manufacturing and logistics industries.



Workforce Productivity & UC

The facts and figures about workforce productivity and where UC can have an impact.




Bridging The Gap

How you can realign Business Communications to improve both workforce productivity and effectiveness.



Webinar: watch the recording

The Capabilities of Cloud UC

Understand how easy it is to make a step change in your business communications with Cloud UC.



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To learn about our UC services in the cloud, watch our video below.

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