Video & Conferencing

Rich collaboration that includes content sharing and video to make each and every virtual meeting more effective.

As working teams become ever more virtualised, communication and collaboration technologies are opening up opportunities for richer exchanges of information. That’s why video and web-based conferencing in one of the key investment areas for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud-based Video & Conferencing Solutions

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How Video Makes Meetings & People More Productive



The Collaborative Workforce



We believe the best way for your virtual teams to get things done is to talk, share and exchange knowledge. Making it easy and natural for them to exchange information without the need to travel is essential. You reduce cost, improve effectiveness and accelerate results.

Video & Conferencing

At CCT, we provide the full range of video and conferencing solutions. This means we are able to deliver an enterprise-wide solution that caters for every type of meeting; from full immersive video conferencing in the boardroom to a quick multi-party call or web conference. We take the time to understand how your teams work and what is holding them back from being effective and create solutions that enable you to work your way.


  • Voice Conferencing – whether it is a quick team catch-up or gathering all of the experts together to help a customer, voice conferencing is an effective way to collaborate. Our solutions cater for all needs from enabling a conference bridge on your enterprise telephony platform to delivering highly scalable cloud-based services with flexible call plans.


  • Web Conferencing – enables your people to not only hold a virtual meeting, but to make this meeting highly effective through sharing presentations and content as well as utilising video. We work with leading providers including WebEx and Skype for Business, so whether you are looking to support a small team or to hold virtual large-scale events, we can help.


  • Boardroom & Meeting Room Video – removing the need for people to travel to meetings is a major cost saving and by utilising video end-points in your meeting rooms, you are still able to benefit from a face-to-face experience. We make deploying video simple, with a wide choice of end-points and the ability to utilise both on-premise and cloud-hosted virtual meeting rooms.


  • Desk-based Video – video is no longer restricted to the boardroom. Affordable desktop end-points and video-enabled PC’s means that any one, regardless of their location, can leverage the benefits of video when joining virtual meetings.


  • Integrated Collaborative Environment – not only is conferencing and video technology advancing but so too is the interoperability between the different solutions. This means that solutions are converging to create a highly flexible collaborative workplace where meetings combine video end-points with web collaboration tools like WebEx and Skype for Business.

Creating your collaborative workplace today

Conferencing and video technology have become mainstream. It is technically possible and, more importantly, affordable for everyone. If you have a geographically dispersed workforce and virtual teams, an investment in video and conferencing can deliver significant returns.

At Capita we have a broad portfolio of video and conferencing solutions and also deep expertise in how to combine the various tools together to create highly effective collaborative environments.

We can help you define the experience you want to deliver across your organisation and create a solution that not only meets these needs, but exceeds expectations in terms of the value it delivers to your business.


How video makes meetings & people more productive

Teams are no longer groups of people who sit together in an office. They are virtual, and span departments, offices and regions.




The collaborative workforce

In this eBook we shall explain why video has come onto the agenda again and how to make it work for your organisation.



Webinar: Watch the recording from November 18, 2016

Cloud-based video and conferencing solutions

In this webinar we will outline the latest developments in video and conferencing, including huddle rooms and the interoperability of web and video conferencing.



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