Crown Hosting Services

Don’t let legacy infrastructure hold you back. Capita can help you safely migrate to Crown Hosting Services to modernise your IT or transition to secure cloud services.

Modernising public services is high on everyone’s agenda but to do this we need to be able to innovate faster, digitise services and reduce cost.

All of the above require agility; yet legacy infrastructure and complex hosting agreements hold many public sector organisations back.

Now there is a simple solution. Capita and Crown Hosting Services have joined forces to offer public sector organisations a clear path for modernisation that will deliver greater value for money, agile infrastructure and reduced operational risk.

What is Crown Hosting Services?

Crown Hosting Services offers customers a rich portfolio of hosted data centre services at OFFICIAL level and above. Flexible in pricing (pay-as-you-use) and simple to buy, you can purchase data centre hosting, connectivity and other services on demand. Crown Hosting Services are not only flexible but also a cost effective way to deliver your hosting requirements with;

  • Highly resilient Tier 3+ data centre facilities
  • Dedicated public sector data halls - assured by CPNI and PGA to enable rapid accreditation
  • Business continuity - multiple separate data centres permitting synchronous replication and secure environments for back up data and recovery systems
  • Comprehensive infrastructure reporting - insight into data centre performance and efficiency
  • Easy to buy - available now through call-off-agreements under a single supplier framework
  • Simple “pay for what you use” pricing with a selection of durations
  • Scalable and resilient connectivity to PSN, N3 and RLI/SLI services and high speed data centre interconnect
  • Lowest total cost of ownership – delivering the highest levels of efficiency
  • Rapid on-boarding - low and high density compute in any configuration.

If you’re looking to:

  • Consolidate, standardise and simplify your data centre services
  • Reduce the cost of your infrastructure and suppliers
  • Modernise your IT infrastructure with intuitive pay-as-you-use pricing
  • Prepare to migrate to private/public cloud services
  • Upgrade your aging legacy estate

...then Capita can help. If, and when, you’re ready to move to Crown Hosting Services, Capita can provide data centre migration services, managed services for Crown Hosting co-location and private cloud services.


Get in touch if you're ready to move to Crown Hosting Services.

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